December 23rd, 2006 in General - 1 Comment

I’ve long had a dream of connecting with other writers on the web. Writing.com? Paid for. And I’m not too sure I like any of the others I’ve come across. It’s because of just this, that I decided to work on WritingInn.

The idea’s been kicking around in my head for a very long time, and I guess I’ve always wanted to collaborate with others, discuss and such.

I’m going to be rewriting Authware for just that purpose. I’m currently dealing with architecting the code. I think I’m going to have a full permissions set, for which I have the author of this PHPFreaks permissions tutorial to thank.

In a way, it’s a big responsibility, and I think that apart from being a learning experience, it’ll be the first time I’m very security conscious.

Wish me luck, and don’t hesitate to send any ideas in.

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