Ethical Freelancing

March 5th, 2007 in Rants - No Comments

I’ve getting some extra pocket change for a while now by picking up freelance jobs. So far, I’ve been most successful with Scriptlance.

From an ethical viewpoint how do you respond to a [fishy] project that asks you to create 100 fake MySpace profiles or these ones that ask you to spam blogs, forums and social networks? On the one hand you’re making your cool money and on the other you’re contributing to problems.

Heck, I deal with spam everyday on my blogs. I wouldn’t want to help someone write a script that’d pass my own filters and hit my own blog.

Here’s the final clincher: a script to achieve higher appeal than MySpace between $100 and $500. If I had such an idea, I sure wouldn’t develop it and sell it for such a measly price.

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