i55 ScreenshotI’m in charge of overhauling a site (http://www.i55.org) and moving it to Joomla. Here’s the test site [before it goes live].

I’ve been slaving away at this site for quite a while, rewriting components to fit the design I was given as much as possible. I proffer my work to the client, and he’s quite satisfied but what happens with the designer?

He’s angry I didn’t give the exact stuff shown in his PSD design. For one, I had considerably slimmed the site down from the former developer’s work, and tried to follow his design as best as I could, rewriting some components in some cases to make them fit. I’d originally been told by my client to ignore the styling if it wasn’t feasible.

Was this my punishment for trying to match the design I was given? Designers can be such a royal pain…

MTN Clone

April 5th, 2006 in Coding, Design - 2 Comments

I was recently told by my former boss from CADS Consulting to collaborate with him on an educational project he got. He’s new to PHP and wants to make a PHP version of what he has already [we wrote it together in Asp.NET].

The project is sponsored by MTN Nigeria so I had to come up with a suitable clone that displays similarly across all browsers [they’re deploying on Linux].

I think I’ve done beautifully and for once commend myself on my work. I intend to make it an Ajax system for speed. Since it supports themes, I made the theme structure very very similar — it just switches a particular stylesheet for colours.

Internet Explorer as usual has a bug — the bottom background of the page doesn’t change (except you minimise the window and restore it). I wish someone would give Microsoft a lesson in browser design.

The current prototype (just design) can be found at the Demo page. You can change the theme by using the dropdown list on the left. I have another minor problem — the MTN Logo doesn’t fit well with the green and blue backgrounds. I also haven’t added Previous, Next and Bookmark buttons on the left.

The menus, like all menus I use are pure css (IE needs a little javascript jogging to make them work unlike all other browsers) — it’s made up of lists so unlike the ones on the MTN site, it is search-engine-crawlable.