I know this is lame but I haven’t posted here in ages.

The way the new version of Authware’ll work, we can have something.com/~azuka for user profiles if a friendly url handler is defined. I recently did some Windows hosts file tampering, redirecting a new domain name (writinginn-server.com) to my system for testing out WritingInn in realistic conditions i.e.	writinginn-server.com	www.writinginn-server.com	profiles.writinginn-server.com

I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of virtual subdomains on Windows XP using Apache as I’d have loved to do the sort of .blogspot.com implementation Blogger does for WritingInn but since Hostmonster doesn’t support it, I’ll settle for profiles.writinginn.com/member_name for user profiles.

Well, who knows — if I’m successful I’ll probably purchase VPS hosting elsewhere and move.

Enough with the rants…