I first started working on this in 2009 using WordPress as a base with a CodeIgniter backend. In early 2009 it became necessary to completely rewrite it because it wasn’t very extensible and there were a lot of bugs and duplicate code.

I decided to let WordPress handle the posts and pages as it used to, but use Kohana’s routes to handle other urls. Another issue we faced was that updating every installation was a nightmare, even though they all resided on the same server because every site used its own files. I modified it to use a central CDN for all common javascript, css and other media, as well as the same codebase.

By doing this, every update affects all the sites. In cases where custom functionality is needed for a client, we simply override with Kohana’s cascading file system.

I’ve learned more on this than on any other project before or after.

Design: DP Media Group.

Please visit the link above for a full list of features.