Isn’t there some way to disable this or move it further down in Firefox? Why does it have to be at the top? Everytime I righ-click a link, I intend to open it in a new tab. I hate new windows!

The crazy context menu item just keeps getting in my way…

This would have been one of the coolest additions to SQL. Programmers are lazy, always looking for a way to avoid writing more code and I suppose this is one area I fit the norm. I need to select all the fields from a 20-column table… except one.

Doing a Google search, it’s apparent I’m not the only one who’s looking for such a feature. I know, I know. I could have written the column names manually during the time I typed this.

I’ve been tearing out my hair trying to figure out how to have persistent sessions on the client. Okay, I’ve done it before on several projects but those ones didn’t use a database-based session handler.

I’ve called session_set_cookie_params to no avail everywhere in my code — the time in the db’s correct, but the session always expires when the browser is closed. Setting the session cookie myself gives a different problem — it gets invalidated on the next page load.

Arrrrrrrgh! I hope it really is because I’m running it on a local domain. If it isn’t, I just might get angry, download the PHP source, learn C and rewrite PHP in no particular order (I wish!).